About us

“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD was founded in 2006 as a direct successor to “BALANCE” JSC -. Lyaskovetz. In the company employs professionals with over 40 years experience in building scales.

“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD performs design, installation, maintenance, repair and modernization of all kinds of electronic and mechanical truck scales, industrial scales and weight.

“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD offers absolutely full range scales from 30 kg to 60 tons that have passed successful trials at the National Center of Metrology and are listed in the State Register as a means of measurement under № BG_11302.

“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD has its own base with calibrated and certified reference weights.


The warranty of all scales is 3 years.

Service and support: “BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD offers service – subscription service, warrenty and non-warrenty service.


Platform scales: They consist of platform sensor and electronic unit. The measured weight is displayed with a digital indication. Using a button can be done function calibration (reset displaying tare weight), which allow the pure weight.

Mechanic vehicle scales:

“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD makes assembly, disassembly and service of all type mechanic vehicle scales. The company offers modernization of already existing mechanic scales with rock entered in the Bulgarian State Register.

Electronic vehicle scales:

Electronic vehicle scales of “BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD are modern tool of weighing the automotive and other transport vehicle and have extremely high reliability.

Automobile scales can be implement by metal or concrete.

In building their company uses electronic sensors of the German company “FLINTEC”, proved in practice its accuracy and high quality. In its structure the scales can be implemented as a shaft or above ground.


“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD develops scales with specific shape and parameters depending on a given condition adapted to the specific needs of the client and the corresponding automatic mechanisms related to their work.

Electronic module of “BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD is standard addition to the whole range of instruments offered by the company. It brings stability and helps the accurate accounting of the measurements. Although the electronic module is an integral part of the equipment of electronic scales, it is an option in the modernization of already into existing mechanical scales. The module offers connectivity to a PC.

“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD offers and software MaxtradeKNTR reporting and processing of measurements.

“BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD works with high quality sensors manufactured in German company “FLINTEC”. It is a global market leader in technologies for testing and measurement. The company has 24 subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia with approximately 1,500 employees. Additional “FLINTEC” has offices in another 40 countries worldwide. Production units are located in Germany, Boston – USA and Sri Lanka.

Automatic systems:

On request of the customer “BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD designs and implements technology solutions including: electronic scales measuring and/ or control function is performed by specialized software “MaxtradeKNTR”.

The software “MaxtradeKNTR” a special application for use with automotive scales of “BMD – ENGINEERING” LTD. Using the program, the customer can store, process, print and summarizes data from the measurements. “MaxtradeKNTR” offers:

  • Easy and convenient operation in a Windows environment – the program support Microsoft Windows XP/7/10.
  • Quick access to all measured data – data is organized chronologically arranged list, which is active and accessible throughout the work. Data from the program can be transferred to Microsoft Excel, to be used by another application.
  • Higher reliability – with options for archiving enables recovery of data in case of loss or damage.
  • Minimum possibility of intervention by the operator – each user has its own password. Users enter data needed for measuring and vehicle weight program read by reading the electronic module connected with the instrument. For ease of implementation materials and customers can choose from predefined code lists.
  • Better accountability – the program prepares various reports on materials, customers and cars, thus ensuring information flow and availability of materials and products.
  • Development opportunity – the program is being constantly updating and adding new features and capabilities.


Scales of “BMD ENGINEERING” Ltd are approved by the National Center for Metrology and are listed in the State Register as a means of measurement euro certificate №BG_11302. Warranty of all scales are 3 years. Besides the production and maintenance of instruments, “BMD Engineering” Ltd carried out the renovation of mechanical vehicle scales of “balance” JSC -. Lyaskovetz.

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